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Maine Weather Forecast

"If you don't like the weather, stick around, it'll change." This old New England adage certainly holds true when talking about the Maine weather forecast.

As weather patterns move across Maine's hills and mountains, and chilly ocean waters interact with warmer land temperatures, you
can experience unique weather conditions in Maine...

...particularly along its thousands of miles of northern Atlantic coastline. And...

Since Maine is such a large state, extending 320 miles in length and 210 miles in width, weather conditions and temperatures can vary tremendously from one region to the next. Portland, Bar Harbor, Fryeburg, and The Forks, for example, are so geographically diverse that they each seem to have a weather system of their own.

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AccuWeather Maine Weather Forecast

The AccuWeather provides an easy way to check the forecast for Portland, ME, or any other Maine town or city where you may be traveling...

What can you expect for the year-round climate in Maine, what is the average temperature in Maine in the Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring, and when will you see the highest chance of precipitation in Maine?

Maine temperature during Summer...

To most people, summer weather in Maine is ideal. Statewide, the average high temperatures are in the low 70's, with the warmest days often in July. Rain storms and passing thunderstorms are not unusual, but sunshine and stray clouds dominate the Maine weather forecast at this time of year.

Although areas of southern Maine may have days when the temperature exceeds 90, the rest of the state usually remains a bit cooler. Throughout the state nights are generally pleasantly comfortable.

Maine temperature during Winter...

As the most northern of the continental United States, Maine can be quit cold during the winter months, with snow, sleet, freezing rain, freezing fog, nor'easter's and blizzards often forecast.

It is not unusual for interior and northern sections to have upwards of 40-50 days with sub-zero temperatures. During the coldest months of January and February, it is also common to experience sub-zero readings along the coast, and in southern Maine.

Maine temperature during Spring and Fall...

May and September temperatures are usually very comfortable, with readings in the 50's and 60's, and occasionally in the 70's. Evenings are cooler, but typically still warm enough for outdoor activities.

With average high temperatures in the low to mid 70's, and low temperatures in the low to mid 50's, June is also a great month for outdoor fun.

April and October are both cooler months, but on sunny days can be very pleasant. Do not be surprised if either of these months brings some snow flurries, or ever a bigger snow storm. However, any precipitation left behind will likely melt quickly.

As for the weather in Maine in March and November, they are both typically very cold, damp months. March, often called the Mud Season in New England, is the transition period between Winter and Spring...

...and during November, the month's weather highlight is often a significant drop in temperature, along with the season's first snow.

What to Wear in Maine

Mountain Maine Fog Are you traveling to Maine and wondering what to bring! My best advice...

...pack plenty of layers!

The atmosphere in Maine is very casual, with dress casual typically appropriate attire at even the most upscale restaurants.

In the late spring, summer and early fall you will probably do fine with...

...a lightweight jacket, a sweater and/or sweatshirt, a few long sleeve tops, a few short sleeve tops, one or two pairs of pants, a couple of pairs of shorts, a bathing suit, rain wear, and a hat for sun protection.

If you will be cruising on the Atlantic, or hiking in the Acadia National Park or on other mountains, you may want to include a heavier weight jacket. The morning fog that often occurs along Maine's coast can make for a chilly and damp start to your day.

Since the weather in Maine can change so rapidly, it is a good idea when heading out in the morning to bring along additional warmer weather, or cooler weather clothing.

If you will be in Maine in the winter, late fall, or early spring...

...bring a warm, hooded winter coat, a scarf, a hat, gloves or mittens, a warm sweater or similar top, long sleeve shirts, and heavy weight long pants.


If the Maine weather forecast is for really cold temperatures, you may want to consider some long johns!

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