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...and other Maine Gourmet Seafood

With a test kitchen in Cundy's Harbor Maine - Maine's oldest commercial lobstering community - and a processing facility in nearby Topsham, Maine, you know that the seafood from Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company is definitely genuine Maine. And if you plan to buy live Maine lobster online...

...specialty foods made with Maine lobster, or gourmet Maine gifts, I highly recommend the Hancock Lobster Company.

As you look through their selection of fine gourmet foods, you will see why they can make such great Christmas gifts from Maine, and are a wonderful addition to a birthday, Valentine's Day, or other special occasion celebration.

The recipient of several awards from the prestigious National Association for Specialty Food Trade, and the Gallo Family Vineyards Gold Medal Awards...

...and selected for Oprah's O List, in July 2008, for their Downeast Lobster Roll, Hancock Gourmet has been shipping Maine lobster online for nearly a decade.

Browse their selection, and I am sure that you will be impressed also...

Lobster Boat in Harbor

Live Maine Lobster...

These live Maine lobsters are hard shell lobsters, shipped fresh from Cundy's Harbor - ready to cook and enjoy.

The lobster "leaves the ocean for the first time on the day of shipment to you".

You can order live lobster delivered to you in packages containing 2, 4 or 6 Maine lobsters.

Maine Lobster Meat...

Fresh frozen Maine lobster meat, still succulent and sweet is shipped in two 7 ounce tubs.

The fresh frozen lobster meat is cooked and ready to eat...

...and best of all, is the meat of the claws and knuckles, perceived by many people to be the most tender and decadent lobster meat.

Frozen Maine Lobster Tails...

Buying frozen lobster tails online couldn't be easier.

Two 6 ounce lobster tails are shipped frozen and are great for steamed lobster tails, baked lobster tails, baked stuffed lobster tails and for grilling lobster tails.

Serving ideas and recipes are included with each shipment. Each Maine lobster tail weighs approximately 5-6 ounces

Lemon Butter Lobster Tails Frozen...

Preparing lobster doesn't get much easier than with these four Maine lobster tails that are drenched in lemon herb butter and packaged in a ready-to-heat foil bag.

Just put them on the grill or in the oven, and when the lobster is cooked, open and bag and enjoy.

Four 5 to 6 ounce lobster tails are included.

Downeast Lobster Rolls...

Featured on Oprah's O List in July of 2008, the Downeast Lobster Rolls are shipped ready-to-prepare with a pound of fresh Maine Lobster Salad, six New England split-top rolls, and instructions on how to prepare a Maine lobster roll.

This Maine classic can be also be ordered in a 4 pack. They must be consumed within 2-3 days of receipt.

For a truly decadent treat, six Downeast Lobster Rolls and six Whoopie Pies.

Maine Clambake Dinner...

Two lobster tails, a dozen mussels, a dozen clams, shrimp and baby potatoes are drenched in an herbed lemon butter sauce, and are the perfect way to enjoy an authentic clambake from Maine right at home.

Packaged in a large foil bag that can be cooked on the grill or in the oven.

The Maine Clambake serves two and is shipped frozen.

Maine Lobsterman's Catch...

This is a boat full, or a table full of great Maine seafood...

...including 4 Maine lobster tails, 16 Tiger Shrimp, 30 North Atlantic mussels, 8 large Maine Sea Scallops...

...4 mini ears of corn on the cob and 20 russet potatoes. The package is presented in two freezer to oven or grill, heavy tin foil bags - just bake and eat!

Maine Shore Dinner...

Maine lobster online dinner is the ultimate lobster bake in a bag!

Two lobster tails, 12 mussels, 8 shrimp, 8 scallops and 2 half ears of corn on the cob all ready to steam in an herbed lemon butter sauce.

Packaged in a large foil bag ready to bake and serve. Simply perfect- a Maine lobster bake without any of the work. It has all been done for you. Thaw, heat and serve!

Gluten free, serves 2.

Mac and Cheese with Maine Lobster...

A New York Times Food Editor said "This is the cashmere in comfort food." and indeed it is, having won a 1st Place Award in 2008 at the Fancy Food Show.

Pasta in a creamy mascarpone-cheddar sauce with sweet chunks of Maine lobster, topped with a crunchy mix of panko bread crumbs, herbed butter, lemon zest and parmesan cheese, make for an outstanding taste and richness.

A 40 ounce family size Lobster Mac and Cheese is also available.

Pemaquid Point Lobster Pot Pies...

Winner of an Outstanding Seafood Award at the International Food Show, these Maine Lobster Pies make a wonderful meal.

You will receive 2 individual 7 ounce servings... reusable ceramic ramekins filled with a rich creamy sauce, topped with buttery puff pastry, all topped off with a lobster cutout.

Also available as Pemaquid Point Lobster Pot Pies, 4 Pack.

Cundy's Harbor Lobster Stew...

This sumptuous stew is made with big chunks of fresh Maine lobster meat - more than a whole lobster in every quart...

...heavy cream, butter, milk and subtle spices, making it another ultimate in comfort food.

And, you won't want to miss the Orr's Island Oyster Stew and Lobster and Shrimp Bisque.

Maine Whoopie Pies, One Dozen...

You just can't go wrong with these Maine in Maine desert treats.
The tow chocolate cake halves surround a delightfully creamy filling. These Whoopie pies from Maine are shipped frozen and are said to be...

...part of the Food Pyramid in New England!

Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company Gift Certificate...

Let others buy their own Maine lobster online! These paper gift certificates come with a small wooden buoy, a copy of the Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company's current catalog and your own personalized message.

Please allow approximately one week for delivery. Paper gift certificates are sent via U.S. Postal Service and are redeemable by phone only (cannot be used to buy Maine lobster online).

With a $50.00, $75.00 or $100.00 lobster gift certificate from Maine, you will truly be giving a very special gift!

Whoever you are buying Maine lobster online for, a special dinner guest, your sweetheart, or a corporate client, I am sure that they will be delighted with the elegance of its sweet decadent taste.

As for the other gourmet food from Maine, I am sure their unique wonderful flavors will be a huge hit, as well.

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