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...the Unofficial Maine Travel Guide

Portland Head LighthouseAre you about to visit Maine, one of the prettiest places in New England? If so, I think you will be happy you found

...which is my way of sharing a deep love for Maine (vacations to Maine, in particular!) with others.

I know about the best Maine vacation spots and popular places to visit. And since I have called New Hampshire my home, for well over 30 years... just a quick drive from the NH/ME border...

...I have crossed the line, many, many times to explore hundreds of Maine tourist attractions!

Some might argue that I am "from away", a real Mainer certainly would, but I'm not from too far away...

...and as a result have "Vacationland" information to share - lots of it.

Hopefully what you have come here looking for, I have already written about.

If not, please feel free to ask me your Maine travel questions...

...I do my best to get them answered!

This travel guide is a never-ending project, with regular updates. I hope you Bookmark it, and the next time you plan a Maine vacation, you visit ME first.

...the unofficial Maine Travel Guide?

Yes, that's right - this is the UNOFFICIAL Maine Travel Guide.

Sailboat Bar Harbor I am not connected to the Maine Tourism Office, the Maine State Government, or any local Chamber of Commerce office.

Nor, am I affiliated with Maine hotels, restaurants, or travel agencies.

I'm just me, writing about great Maine vacations.

So, I thought posing as "... the OFFICIAL Maine Guide", a bit pretentious.

But, that does NOT mean the information you find here won't be accurate. On the contrary...

I go to great lengths to verify each and every entry I make. However, we all know businesses occasionally get shuttered, roads are closed, and fees and schedules change. You get the point...

What so much territory to cover, 33,215 square miles, there are LOTS of things that are useful to know when planning a vacation in Maine. Beginning with...

Things to do in Maine

  • Maine coastal vacations suggestions
  • where to go whale watching in Maine
  • what goes on at the Rockland, Maine Lobster Festival
  • the best Maine destinations
Marshall Point Lighthouse Maine
Whale Watch Portland, Maine
Lobster Trap and Bouys
Jordan Pond Acadia
  • luxury and budget hotels in Maine, motels, inns and bed and breakfasts
  • popular Maine activities and events
  • why Maine vacations rentals can be VERY cost effective
  • locating the prettiest Maine scenic drives and byways!
Bar Harbor Inn Maine
Fireworks Display
Beach House Maine
Maine Scenic Byways

...and, what makes York Beach, Maine a #1 family vacation destination.

  • what time to get to Cadillac Mountain to see sunrise - a stunning sight!
  • how to get to Monhegan Island, ME
  • where to find Maine windjammer cruises and sightseeing trips.
  • why Maine is for kids too!
Cadillac Mountain Sunrise
Monhegan Harbor
Sailboat Twilight
Little Girl on Hayride

...and, when it is the best time of year to visit Maine.

Rangeley Lakes Maine

...the Maine weather forecast, suggestions for pet-friendly hotels, senior travel in Maine, the annul Maine Lobster Boat Races schedule...

...the best places to visit in Maine, ideas on where to camp and/or hike, good Maine books - including maps, travel guides, children's books and more.

For swimmers and boaters - Maine tide charts...

...and, for anyone who loves the ocean as much as I do - I have a suggestion on finding the best coastal vacation rentals, and more...

Bass Harbor Head Light Maine

What is it that is in the back of everyone's mind as they dream about their Maine vacations? It's the awesome seafood that can't be beat, isn't it!

Surely you will be curious about the timing of lobster season in Maine...

...and if you're a novice, how to eat Maine lobster without too much mess!

Maine Travel and Maine Tourism Information

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The Blog contains listings for fun activities and events, news about the interesting places to visit, information on seasonal happenings, and much, much more.

Thanks for visiting, I hope your vacation in Maine is terrific!



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